What is the Importance of Commercial HVAC filters?

Air filtration is probably one of the most critical functions of HVAC systems in commercial as well as residential settings.  A good quality filtration system helps significantly improve the air quality within your building. This is because the filtration system assists in the removal of particles and other materials that contribute to the unpleasant and musty air.

Unfiltered air can contribute to allergies and asthma symptoms among various other breathing related problems. With the installation of commercial HVAC filters in your building, you are able to remove particles and allergens such as lint, pollen, mold and even small metal, wood and fiber particles along with microorganisms and other contaminants before they enter your indoor air space.

Why should you get your Filter changed regularly?

It is important that you find ways to maintain the effectiveness of the filters for them to be able to perform at their best.  In addition to hiring HVAC experts for regular maintenance, it is also recommended that you arrange to get your filters changed once every 3 months.

Filters essentially protect your HVAC units from dirt that tends to coat the coils as well as the other parts within your system. With the help of a proper HVAC preventative maintenance filter change program, building owners are able to ensure that the coils are able to transfer the heat efficiently, hereby enabling the unit to utilize less energy and prevent other parts such as the compressors from breaking down.

Choosing the Right Filter for your Commercial Facility

There are a wide variety of filters available.  The three most preferred by HVAC experts are either a pad, frame, disposable cardboard frame or pleated type filter.  While making your selection, you need to consider the following factors –

  • Is there any construction work that happens on your site or close by?
  • Are you on the main road close to all the traffic or major bus stops?
  • Do you have the need to have a very clean airflow, paint booths, E.G. labs etc?
  • Is there a lot of smoke generated from the industrial work that takes place in your building?

Many of the filters may not be suitable for a range of other applications such as ex vents or MUA.  Also, some filters tend to clog up faster than others, resulting in more frequent filter changes and higher expenses. Depending on the requirements of your building in question, you can ask the HVAC contractors to recommend the best filter type for your commercial facility.

It is important that you check your filters at least once a month to make sure that it is not clogging up your system.  If the filter is dirty, it is ideal to call your contractors and ask them to change it.  If it seems clear enough, you can check again in the coming months.  This way building owners are able to take a preventive rather than curative approach towards their heating, cooling and ventilation needs.

SD ATLAS HVAC are experts in heating, cooling and ventilation systems.  We provide a range of reliable services such as installation, service, repairs and preventative maintenance programs for your commercial, strata, industrial and retail HVAC systems.

To enquire about your air filtration needs or to schedule a commercial, strata or residential HVAC preventative maintenance quote please contact SD ATLAS HVAC at info@sdatlashvac.ca.   We are proud to serve Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Vancouver and the rest of the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

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