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Help! My Furnace Isn’t Working…

When your home furnace isn’t working, you want it fixed … fast. Especially in the wintertime, fall or early spring. Who wants to sit huddled over plug-in electrical space heaters while waiting for their home furnace system to be repaired? Unless you enjoy recreating emergency situations, you probably don’t. It’s not a fun situation to be in.

Often taken for granted, home heating and air quality is an integral part of your home’s inner workings. When your system is malfunctioning, you can’t just put the job off. You need immediate help from a home furnace repair expert.

Can My Home Furnace Service and Repair Expert Restore My Heating System? Or Will He Try To Sell Me A New System?

With any equipment breakdown or malfunction it’s important to perform a cost benefit calculation. Is it better to repair the equipment or is it more cost effective to replace it entirely?

This question needs to be asked and answered candidly with all the variables on the table. Too often, service and repair experts push new equipment on to customers when repair and restoration of the original unit may have been the better choice. On the other hand, it could be that the better choice is to repair the equipment. In fact, this is often the case if your system is inefficient or has a limited lifespan.

You need a home furnaces service and repair expert who can lay out your options for you in a clear and direct fashion. While a technician should give you a recommendation in their professional opinion, as the customer the decision should always be yours to make.

By identifying the problem with your home furnace, a properly qualified home furnace service and repair expert can help you make the best decision for your situation. Whether you ultimately require furnace repair, service, or a new furnace installation, the end result will be a fully functional home furnace system. Once you get that back, you’ll feel like you’re back in the civilized world again – warm and comfortable.

How Does My Home Furnace Work?

The basic way that a furnace works is by burning a fuel source such as gas or propane. This creates heat. As the fuel burns, the hot gas moves through metal tubing called a heat exchanger.

Air travelling over the heat exchanger absorbs the heat from the hot metal. This heated air then moves through your ducts as it warms your rooms. The gasses created by the burning fuel get released through a vent pipe out of your home.

Of course, there is a lot more to your heating system than this, but these are the basic principles of how your home furnace operates. Your home furnace technician has the expertise in knowing about different kinds of heat exchangers and other components of your equipment, about common failures in heating systems, about the most efficient way for you to heat your home, and many, many other factors that go into a solid heating system.

What Are the Dangers of a Malfunctioning Home Furnace?

A potentially lethal consequence of a faulty furnace is carbon monoxide poisoning. Odorless, colourless, and tasteless, this deadly gas can seep into your home through cracks or leaks in your heat exchanger without you knowing about it. Dubbed as a “silent killer”, this gas has been responsible for sickness and in some cases, even death.

In fact, most accidental occurrences of carbon monoxide poisoning occur from house fires and faulty home heating systems and hot water heaters. Proper servicing and maintenance of your home, as well as a regularly checked carbon monoxide detector are essential.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

With a slow leak, carbon monoxide poisoning can result in a chronic and debilitating case of headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Other people can experience different symptoms such as chest pain, confusion, and vision problems. Most symptoms are characterized by a lack of oxygen getting into the body as the carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen molecules in the blood.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are often written off as the flu or as a virus and continuing exposure to the carbon monoxide is not abated. Severe, continuing cases of carbon monoxide poisoning may lead to passing out, coma and death, and in the event of pregnancy, miscarriage or severe birth defects.

Having a well-qualified home furnace service and repair expert tend to your heating system is essential. An experienced technician will thoroughly inspect your unit for cracks or leaks that can lead to leaking carbon monoxide. Fire hazards will also be checked to ensure that the flame is the proper mixture of air and gas. Safety and limit switches need to be tested. The working order of your equipment is paramount to the safety of you and your family.

How a Home Furnace Service and Repair Expert Can Help

Just as your car needs regular servicing, your heating system needs regular maintenance to maintain maximum efficiency and to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your home.

Don’t let minor problems fester into larger, less manageable ones. Having a regular inspection and servicing of your unit ensures that you keep on top of any problems or potential trouble spots.

Air filters should be changed monthly, while regular inspections of your system should take place annually. You want your unit to be operating as efficiently, dependably and safely as possible. By doing so, not only do you gain peace of mind, but also you add years to the lifespan of your equipment.

If your system is already down, you need to know your options. A knowledgeable repair technician should be able to tell you what the problem is with your system and what your alternatives are to getting a serviceable system back into operation. Whether that be repairing your old system, or replacing it with a new one, you deserve to know your options and the costs of each. Take a look both at your long-term needs, your financial situation, and your individual needs.

In some cases, a broken furnace can be a good opportunity to look at options such as integrated systems that heat both your home and hot water and also provide ventilation. Or another alternative may be a more efficient system that can save you money down the road. Whatever you decide to go with, a professional home furnace technician will lay out your options to you in a clear, direct manner and guide you to making the best choice for your individual situation.

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