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Six Reasons to Install Residential Air Conditioning

It’s mid August in the Fraser Valley. The mercury has shot up … and the temperature is continuing to climb steadily. You start to feel irritable in the heat, partly because you couldn’t sleep the night before and woke up drenched in sweat and with a headache. You think about going to the grocery store where they have air conditioning just to cool down, or paying to see a movie. Any movie. As long as you get out of the heat.

When the outside air temperature reaches uncomfortable levels, the temperature inside a non-air conditioned home is either the same as the outside air, or even warmer through solar gains and additional heat-loads from within the home. It becomes difficult to escape the heat just through the use of ventilation, conventional fans and cold showers.

It’s true that although the Greater Vancouver area doesn’t experience sustained periods of high heat and humidity like you would expect in, for instance, Louisiana, there are stretches in the summer when air conditioning becomes an absolute life-saver. Or at least feels like one. Especially in areas not around the coastal water areas or not perched up high on a hill. In fact, high heat in the summer can get downright stifling.

For some households, hiring a residential air conditioning installation company to advise them about air conditioning options has ultimately resulted in a greater quality of life. There are many advantages to having air conditioning installed, many of which people don’t really consider fully. Read on to find out what these are.

Residential Air Conditioning Can Be a Boon to Health

For many people, overheating can result in serious health issues. This can be particularly true for the elderly, young children, pregnant women, or others with compromised systems.

With excessive heat comes the need to be properly hydrated and to limit unnecessary activity as much as possible. Without proper care and attention, an overheated body can become taxed beyond its limit. It’s important to take precautions before this happens.

When the body does become taxed beyond its limit due to high heat, a common result can be heat stroke. This is a condition where the body eventually becomes overwhelmed by the heat and the person’s body temperature is no longer able to be regulated. This can be a dangerous condition. Heart rate and respiration rate will increase, and seizures, unconsciousness and death can result. Heat stroke is not to be taken lightly.

A precursor to heat stroke can be heat exhaustion, which includes fatigue, rapid breathing and a fast, weak pulse. In addition, dehydration caused by excessive heat and insufficient fluid intake can produce nausea, vomiting, headaches, fainting, or dizziness.

Flushed, hot and dry skin can also be a signal that the body is not coping well in the heat, as blood vessels have now dilated in an attempt to cool down. Especially when someone no longer perspires, it’s important to monitor that person’s reaction to the heat since this means that one of the body’s coping mechanisms is no longer functioning.

A more minor annoyance resulting from prolonged heat are heat cramps, which are muscle spasms that occur due to a loss of salt and water. The loss of salt and water is often primarily due to prolonged sweating. The muscle spasms do not only occur in the arms and legs, but can also take place in the abdomen. These heat cramps can be painful and can seriously impede a person’s ability to sleep.

Installing Air Conditioning in Your Home Can Lead to More Productiveness

Heat can impede the ability to concentrate and to work comfortably. Everyday activities become more difficult. If you have a home gym, not having air conditioning in the heat of the summer will definitely not inspire you to hop on to your elliptical or treadmill. Chores like cleaning and cooking become more difficult, and kids have no where to escape after coming in from a bike ride in high heat.

Of course, those who work from home out of a home office are especially at risk of losing productive days due to high heat. Heat does not have to be a reason to slow down work; air conditioning, on the other hand, promotes work as the environment is cool and comfortable. Becoming lethargic in hot weather can be a big productivity killer.

Not only for those with home offices, but also those who rely on home workshops for crafts or hobbies also suffer in hot weather. Projects around the house get delayed. Even gardening outside or yard work gets put off when there is nowhere to escape once the work is done. Getting a company to install residential air conditioning can change all these limitations and obstacles.

Equipment Such as Computers Have a Longer Life Span

Although likely more applicable to an office environment, one of the advantages of getting residential air conditioning installed is that your home equipment will last longer. Computers have their own internal cooling systems, most often as a fan. However, with high heat the equipment needs to work that much harder to keep cool and can often overheat. This leads to eventual breakdown of the equipment and a shortened lifespan.

You Can Keep Your Door and Windows Closed

With air conditioning in your home, an advantage is that you can keep your doors and windows closed in the summer. You are no longer relying on weak circulation from the outside to attempt to keep your home cool. Insects and other nuisances are kept out, and when leaving your home, you no longer have to debate whether to keep unsecured windows open or not. Residential air conditioning will take care of the comfort and temperature of your home for you.

Residential Air Conditioning Can Help With Mood Issues

Interestingly, there is a connection between depression and hot weather. As the temperature climbs higher, depression rates have also been found to increase. More minor mood issues such as boredom, irritability or lethargy also increase.

This stands to reason since hot weather can be uncomfortable. Many people find it difficult. Getting residential air conditioning installed can help alleviate some of these effects of hot weather on your overall mood.

Sleeping is Especially Difficult in a Hot and Stifling Room

One of the biggest complaints about hot weather can be the difficulty many people find in sleeping once the heat really cranks up. Tossing and turning all night, getting sweaty, and waking up with a headache in the morning are not ideal sleep conditions. In fact, lack of sleep can also contribute to higher rates of depression and negative mood effects. Without adequate sleep, the immune system is compromised, leaving you vulnerable to illness. Concentration at work also become affected.

To get a proper night of rest, many people turn to the idea of getting air conditioning installed. For many people this solves their problems of extreme discomfort with sleeping in hot weather and makes them feel better, healthier and more alert during the summer months.

To find out whether getting air conditioning installed in your home is right for you, contact SD ATLAS HVAC to find out. We are experienced residential air conditioning installation company that can help you look at your air conditioning options to best create a comfortable home environment for you. We install, service and maintain all your air conditioning equipment and take pride in serving our customers’ needs in the best way possible.