Residential Home Furnace Installation Services

Understanding What a Residential Furnace Installation Company Can Do For You

Are you looking to install or replace your furnace? If so, it’s useful to have a general idea of what kind of a project you’re facing.

One of the top reasons to replace your existing heating system is to lower your monthly heating costs. Newer energy efficient residential furnace models not only lower your energy bills, but also offer better climate control through increased air circulation and humidity control. You’ll be more comfortable in your home at a lower cost. Over time you will actually have paid for the cost of purchasing and installing a new furnace.

On the other hand, your existing furnace may have broken down, in which case you might be looking are repairing it, or replacing it altogether.

Overview of a Residential Furnace

One of the major appliances in your household, a residential furnace provides heat to your home’s rooms through the use of air, steam or hot water movement. Natural gas is the most common fuel source, but coal, wood, fuel oil, electrical resistance heating, or liquefied petroleum gas can also be used.

Before modern furnaces, combustion furnaces were vented through a chimney. This decreased efficiency of the unit as heat was expelled along with the exhaust. New high efficiency furnaces operate without a chimney, with the small amount of exhaust vented by way of a pipe through the side or roof of your house.

What Kind of Furnace Do I Need?

As furnaces become more efficient, you may not need a new furnace that has the same output as your existing furnace. Getting a residential furnace installation company to properly size the furnace you need is important in this respect. Correct sizing usually means more efficiency since the furnace will be used to heat your home up to peak efficiency, rather than shutting off prior to peak efficiency performance of the equipment being reached.

The best kind of residential furnace to have installed is the one that best suits your home and your needs. If your home is older or poorly insulated, you would be considering a different type of furnace than if you lived in a newer, well insulated home.

For instance, a residential furnace installation company may assess the conditions of your windows and doors, foundational characteristics of your home, whether you have a basement, your ductwork, whether air comes through your home by way of dryer vents and fans, and other considerations so as to best assess your furnace requirements. The kind of equipment you should have in your home is very much dependent on a host of factors unique to your home. An experienced furnace installation company knows how to assess all these factors.

Typical Lifetimes of Residential Furnaces

The lifespan of a quality furnace is about 25 years; a lesser quality furnace may only last approximately 15 years. Keep in mind also that technology is constantly progressing so it may be wise to replace an older furnace even if the furnace is still operable. Doing so could actually save you money in the long run due to higher efficiencies of newer models. This, however, depends on your unique circumstances.

That said, you many want or need your furnace to last as long as possible without having to shell out for additional capital expenditures down the line. You may also ideally like a furnace that gives you the least amount of trouble. With regular care and servicing of your furnace, you should be able to utilize your furnace throughout its equipment lifetime with the minimum amount of hassle.

Installing a new furnace needs to be weighed with the option of keeping an old furnace going. A professional residential furnace installation company should be able to give you a proper accounting of what is best in your case.

So I’ve Decided to Get a New Furnace Installed. Which Furnace Manufacturer is the Best?

In deciding which furnace manufacturer to purchase your residential furnace from, key factors you want to consider are reputation and warranties offered by the manufacturer. The actual design of the furnace and keeping up to date with recent upgrades in models are also important. Your furnace installation company can guide you through this process to fit you with the ideal unit.

In terms of company reputation, a furnace manufacturer that has been around a long time and has been able to secure a good reputation among residential furnace installers and service technicians is a good bet. Not only do you get the peace of mind that such a company is providing quality equipment, but you can also be more confident that a longer established company will still be around to honour any long-term warranties on the equipment. Uncertainty with respect to equipment warranties ultimately lowers the value of the warranty.

What Sort of Warranties Should I Be Looking At?

One of the most expensive part of a residential furnace is the unit’s heat exchanger. Therefore, look for a solid warranty on the heat exchanger. A long warranty on this part of the equipment may provide you with 20 years or so of protection – depending on the manufacturer – in the event of malfunction.

A manufacturer who backs one of the most expensive parts of their equipment is providing a great value to the buyer. Warranties covering other, less expensive items are not as important if the replacement value won’t set you out of pocket too much.

You should note that manufacturers may require proof of regular furnace servicing to keep your warranty valid. Ask your residential furnace installation company for more details on manufacturer’s warranties as they all differ depending on the company and model purchased.

Residential Furnace Installation Process

After contacting a residential furnace installation company and setting up an appointment, a technician will visit your home to evaluation your needs. They will be able to advise you of the system that best meets your unique needs and your home. They can explain to you the pros and cons of each option and will be able to recommend the system that best fits your budget. The technician may then develop a proposal for the project to let you know what the next step is.

Once it comes to installing the furnace, the new system will be delivered and the old system removed. Once removed, the new system is ready to be installed.

A professional residential furnace installation company will be sure to maintain a safe working site throughout the installation. At the close of the installation, a proper audit of the system will be run to ensure that the system is working properly. Cleanup of the site is also important, and in particular ensuring that your old unit is disposed of responsibly.

And that’s it. You now have a new, higher performance furnace in your home to help keep you comfortable and warm.

A professional residential furnace installation company such as SD ATLAS HVAC knows how to best meet your needs. We are experienced and highly knowledgeable. We pride ourselves on our integrity and customer service.

Contact SD ATLAS HVAC to find out what you can do about your heating needs. We always listen to our clients’ needs and consider all their options with them. We want to make sure you are taken care of and that you understand the process each step of the way. When you leave your residential furnace installation needs with us, you know you are in good hands.