HVAC Commercial Inspection for Heating & Air Conditioning

When to Call a Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection Company

Managing or owning a building requires that one is well-versed in the facility’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Keeping informed as to its performance is vital in ensuring that the building’s operations are kept efficient and to avoid long term unpleasant and costly repairs.

A new building purchase, or better yet contemplated purchase, should ideally be accompanied by a proper and professional inspection by a commercial heating and air conditioning inspection company. This will inform the new building owners what steps need to be taken, what preventative maintenance systems need to be put in place, and what other actions are required so as to keep the building running smoothly and efficiently.

Property managers must also keep completely current with respect to recent renovations, re-roofing projects, or other changes in the building so as to schedule a proper inspection of the HVAC system. When a facility’s purpose, function, or workings are changed in any way, the HVAC system which was specifically installed for the prior building’s function may need to be modified or accommodated.

What Does An Inspection of My Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning System Entail?

Most often, an inspection of a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will include a visual and auditory inspection and a listing of deficiencies, potential problems, or possible upgrades to the system. A qualified commercial heating and air conditioning inspection company will know exactly what areas to look out for, and which areas can cause trouble down the line.

Armed with this knowledge, the building or management company then has a full grasp on the performance of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in the facility. Having a comprehensive inventory of equipment and of its performance is vital in making informed decisions as to what to repair, replace, or upgrade.

For instance, incurring costs to repair equipment (both parts and labour) may be outweighed by an informed decision to replace old and worn equipment with higher efficiency, newer models. Maintenance schedules can be revamped, or established. Clear procedures can be put in place so as to best respond to any issues that arise.

All of these actions by property management need to be built on a solid understanding of the current system in place. A commercial heating and air conditioning inspection company will be able to ensure that that information becomes fully available. The more experienced and qualified the inspection company is, the more useful and valuable the information regarding your HVAC system will be.

More Specifically, What Does a Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection Company Review?

Typically, a commercial HVAC inspection analyzes the distribution system, ensuring that the air filters in place are up to standards and that the supply and return air pathways are free of damage or debris.

Heating and cooling components will be inspected for function, efficiency and safety. The condenser and compressor components of the system are also checked to ensure that these are up to standard and free of clogs or damage.

It is also vital that the exhaust gas venting component of the HVAC system is inspected for safety. Issues such as proper clearance, support and damage or restriction of the flue and other ventilation components are reviewed.

Thermostats, electrical connections and wiring, and safety controls are also visually checked to ensure that they are in safe working order. Each of the system’s parts are checked, and the system as a whole is also reviewed.

A detailed report from a commercial heating and air conditioning inspection company will include a description of the system by its key components and a statement detailing any repair, evaluation, or monitoring work that needs to be looked at. This kind of information is invaluable to keep as part of a building’s records and are the backbone of any decisions that need to be made with regard to the HVAC system.

Establishing a Preventative Maintenance Program

In addition, a comprehensive inspection of a building’s HVAC system can assist in establishing a preventative maintenance program tailored to your specific building. Knowing the exact workings of a facility’s system is key in predicting possible failures or problem areas.

It’s clear that diligently maintaining HVAC equipment pays off in the long term. A well-run building needs regular servicing and maintenance to catch problems before they fester into costly emergency projects.

At its heart, the proper functioning of a building’s HVAC system is essential for the adequate delivery and quality of indoor air. Maintaining good indoor air quality is vitally important for a commercial building to be able to thrive in terms of supporting optimum productivity. A facility that runs well beginning with its “guts” – of which the HVAC system is a part – is a facility that can optimally see productivity gains in its main product or service areas.

An Inspection Can Predict Upcoming Problems

Not only does the HVAC system regulate the temperature and filter the air in an establishment, but commercial HVAC systems also control the moisture in the air. The onslaught of moist and damp weather with the coming of fall and winter in the Lower Mainland can spell disaster for a building not equipped to deal properly with it.

Moisture encourages the growth of mold and mildew, some of which can be toxic. Preventing such a problem in the first place can save enormous sums of money as these types of situations can wreak havoc on a facility.

Safety First

Likely the biggest advantage to an inspection is safety. Ensuring that a commercial building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is operating safely is the single most important aspect of any inspection. When a building’s systems are not safe, or leaves occupants vulnerable to illness, accidents, fires, or other calamities, this is a serious situation.

To make sure that the building you manage, own or maintain is kept in tip-top shape, schedule an inspection with a professional and reputable commercial heating and air conditioning inspection company.

At SD ATLAS HVAC we can assist you with all your HVAC needs. We inspect, service, maintain and repair commercial HVAC systems to the most rigorous standards. We know our business and will help you optimize yours.