Bryant launches new energy efficient furnace line up


This is going to be one of the coldest winters in the Fraser Valley according to weather analysts.  If it’s time to replace your old furnace so you can be warm and toasty, while saving a few bucks on your gas bill for Christmas shopping, give the new 2011 Bryant line a try!

Residential furnace installation by SD ATLAS HVAC
Residential furnace installation by SD ATLAS HVAC


At first glance the new Bryant furnace line-up is more compact and sleek, but most importantly, it has an increased efficiency and happens to be one of the quietest furnaces ever produced.  Standing next to the furnace you can hear a very calm purring sound as the 2 stage inducer motor starts in the fully insulated cabinet, the firing of the burner assembly follows, and then the variable speed fan motor that distributes air through-out the ventilation system kicks in.  Depending on the model you select to have installed in your home, the gas valve either is a single stage, dual stage, or of modulating style which is the most efficient and increases heat output in 1% increments for maximum efficiency.


The 2011 Bryant condensing furnace line up has become the easiest generation of high efficiency furnaces to install.  All of the combustion and exhaust piping can exit vertically or horizontally, making it the right fit in your home regardless of location.  The reduced cabinet widths also allow for installation in narrow mechanical rooms or closets where space is an issue. And how can you go wrong with a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger?


We at SD ATLAS HVAC understand that adding value and comfort to your home is a very important decision.  Allow us to help you reduce your monthly gas bills and keep you and your family warm for the winter by installing a new Bryant furnace.  We can be contacted at for further questions or to set up a home consultation.



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