Importance of Commercial HVAC heat exchanger inspections during maintenance

The role of a heat exchanger in commercial heating equipment is to take the heat produced by burning fuel and transfer it to the air for distribution throughout the entire space.
What can prevent heat exchangers from not functioning properly is developing a hole or a crack that allows the hot air to escape, or exhaust from the combustion fuel to escape into the interior breathing air of the space it is serving.

Consistent heating and cooling from years of use, along with the expansion and contraction of the part, will eventually cause a heat exchanger to crack.  However, some heat exchangers last longer than others depending on the model and how much preventative maintenance has been done on the equipment in the past.

The result of a cracked heat exchanger is spillage of carbon monoxide contamination into the breathing air. The above scenario needs to be eliminated at all cost through a scheduled preventative maintenance program, which is implemented to detect such issues.

It is proven that regular cleaning and maintenance play a major role in the life expectancy of heating equipment, as does the environment surrounding the unit.  Damp environments tend to contribute to the build-up of rust on the heat exchanger, shortening its life, while dry climates tend to increase the life span.

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