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Does your strata suffer from poor air circulation in its underground parkades?  Are the poisonous fumes from vehicles starting throughout the course of the day exhausting properly outdoors to maintain a healthy breathing environment?  What does the large storage locker area smell like, could it be stale from the residents belongings or due to the equipment not being serviced properly?


SD ATLAS HVAC was recently contacted by a strata that was suffering from these very problems.  After a thorough audit of the complex we came to the conclusion that a proper HVAC upgrade was required to bring this building back up to code with respect to air circulation.

Through careful planning a complete retrofit was presented to the strata council that would solve the issues of the old and inoperative equipment.  This package included parkade wall mount circulating fans to remove carbon monoxide fumes, electrical timers to initiate the operation of these fans during peak traffic times, air transfer fans for common areas with new filter racks installed, and supply fans for the stale smelling storage lockers.


Within hours of the complete installation, air movement was felt in the parkade and the toxic fumes were being pushed out.  Common areas were receiving fresh filtered air for the first time in years, and the musty smell of the storage locker room was eliminated.

Needless to say, our clients are very happy with the results of the SD ATLAS HVAC strata upgrade.  Residents have taken notice of the significant air quality change, and above all, a healthy breathing environment has been created.

In order for this equipment to last for many years and to keep providing healthy air quality to the strata residents a proper HVAC preventative maintenance program was set up.  The strata took notice and realized the importance of maintaining equipment or else they would just suffer the same fate of years earlier.  SD ATLAS HVAC Ltd. strongly believes and specializes in HVAC preventative maintenance programs to reduce the carbon foot print on our earth and also prevent costly break downs that create uncomfortable work environments.

For all of your commercial, retail and strata HVAC upgrades and maintenance requirements please email us at  Contact us for a free estimate on your new upgrade project or if you would like to setup a custom maintenance program to suite your facilities needs and budget.

SD ATLAS HVAC is proud to serve the entire Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley including Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, and White Rock.


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