Your heating and cooling system uses a variety of moving pieces and parts which help provide ideal conditions to maintain the temperature in your office. If your air conditioning unit starts to make new and strange noises, chances are that it is time for you to call in the specialists for some repair work.

What types of Noises you may hear?

If you are experiencing a squealing noise every single time that you turn on the air conditioner, it may mean that the fan belt is getting old and requires replacement.

If your outdoor fan begins to fail, chances are that you will hear even more squealing from your unit.

Also, if your compressor begins to burn out, the unit may start to make a knocking/screeching sound. It is best to turn the unit off immediately and then call a heating and air conditioning service provider.

Other Sounds to Look out For

Besides the squealing noise, it is also important for you to look out for the following noises:

  • You may hear a hissing sound from your system if you have a leak in the refrigerant. The source of this leak can be from the compressor or from one of the connections of the refrigerant lines.
  • If your unit is making a loud knocking sound, it is an indication that some of the electronic components are not opening or closing completely causing motors or compressors to work intermittently.

Your HVAC contractors can assess the situation immediately and install a new fan belt that is compatible with your brand, replace your compressor, or restore electrical components.

How do Contractors help?

By hiring a reputed team of technicians, you will be able to correctly identify the cause of the sound and be able to take preventive measures.  In addition you will benefit from:

  • Reduced Repair – One of the best advantages of signing a contract is that the HVAC company you hire will be committed to regularly performing maintenance checks on your unit.  This way, they will be able to keep a constant check on your fan belt and suggest replacements before you are victim to unbearable and continuous squealing sounds. This also prevents significant wear and tear of your unit.
  • Enhanced Efficiency – While a worn out fan belt may be perceived as a small problem, in the long run, it is these issues that significantly reduce the life span of your commercial heating and AC unit.  With regular maintenance, you are able to make sure that these small problems are taken care of easily and subsequently you will experience enhanced efficiency.


With the right team of experts on board, you can make sure that the people in your commercial space are able to comfortably occupy the space in a temperature controlled and well ventilated environment.

SD ATLAS HVAC is a reputable commercial and strata heating, air conditioning and ventilation maintenance and repair company. With a service network in Burnaby, Vancouver, Fraser Valley and various parts of BC, we provide high quality service at affordable rates. Contact us at to learn more.

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