Irene and Rob Bickerton

September 29, 2009

To whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SD ATLAS HVAC for their caring professionalism and honest integrity in installing central air conditioning into my new residential home. I would recommend this company to anyone contemplating heating/cooling upgrades.

Having just relocated from Manitoba last fall, we were told residential air conditioning is pretty much unheard of and unnecessary in the Lower Mainland. I must say, this summer proved that adage all wrong!

In the peak of the heat of summer in July, we got 6 estimates done, and all but SD ATLAS HVAC, gave us a quote on a heat pump unit which costs a couple thousand more. Having some knowledge of systems, we knew we wanted some air conditioning unit quotes as well. SD ATLAS HVAC was the only contractor who gave us options and let us decides between a heat pump or strictly air conditioning for our budget.

When they came into our home to do the estimate, I mentioned we could not run the furnace fan independently to circulate the air in the house. Without even knowing whether they would get the job, the technician opened up our furnace and fixed the wiring so we could run the furnace fan in the mean time.

Their timely execution of the estimate, (the day after I requested one), and their honesty made them the contractor of choice. SD ATLAS HVAC chose the perfect size unit and had everything professionally installed within 2 days.

Needless to say, while most of the Lower Mainland was sold out of fans and desperately searching for hotels with air conditioning to stay in, my husband and I were enjoying the coolness and comfort of our own home.


Irene Bickerton
Surrey, BC

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