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Review Testimonial for SD ATLAS HVAC

December 1, 2008

To whom it may concern,

My name is Darren Browning. I am the Manager of the IT Department as well as the Service Centre of Trydor Industries. I was also in charge of the project to build our new facility in Campbell Heights South Surrey. We have now been in our new building for over a year now and I am responsible for the general maintenance of our new building.

For over a year in our new building we were smelling natural gas in our office area. We called Terasen Gas a few times and the company that installed our HVAC system to be only told that they could not find any leaks to cause this problem. Stavros from Atlas came by to see if we required quarterly maintenance on our HVAC system as he had been doing some work on our neighbour’s equipment. I advised him of our problem (smelling natural gas) and he said he would take a look. After a thorough investigation he discovered that the connection to the gas was leaking (inside the HVAC unit). His detailed service discovered a problme that many could not. I have now since hired him to continue on with our quarterly maintenance of our HVAC system.

I have to say I am pleased with the service that Stavros from Atlas has provided Trydor. I trust that his continued service will be a positive experience.

PS. Our gas bill has dropped dramatically as well.


Darren Browning
Manager, IT Business Solutions
And Service Centre

Trydor Industries (Canada) Ltd.
Vancouver Edmonton Calgary
19275 — 25th Avenue
Surrey, BC V3S 3X1

Transmission Hardware; Pole Line Hardware; Power Connectors; Substation Structures; Aluminum & Steel Poles; Accessories

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